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When a coastline is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it must be something special: the Amalfi coast is all this … and much more, if you put yourself in the right hands! Travel Amalfi stems from the love that we feel for our birthplace, locally called Divine Coast. The mission is to lead you through hidden spots which preserve a special charm, because still unknown by the mass. Enchanting locations that only we know as local and that we would like to share with you with their uses and traditions. Travel Amalfi not only will give you the chance to travel, but to see everything the way we see it: Living the Amalfi Coast as us locals do! With its natural beauties and rich cultural background, the Amalfi Coast has an incomparable landscape, which attracts lots of tourists every year. As locals and with the knowledge of your potential destinations,  we aim to satisfy you with different proposals, special itineraries, simple moments of our dailylife e.g. Going fishing through the caves and beaches reachable only by boat, climbing the Vesuvius by bike, making  ceramic handcrafts after your visit at the traditional ceramic factory, visiting Ischia Island with a traditional Ape van (three wheeler produced by Piaggio) Cross.  This and more, combined with  our chosen spots, will be a memorable experience! Our goal is to let you feel all the extraordinary sensation that the Amalfi coast and surroundings can give you. Travelling to learn and not just to visit: BE A TRAVELLER, NOT A TOURIST! “Between curiosity and gratification, dream and reality. The journey is the place where you go astray, of the finding, of the unexpected. It is a time of  wonder.  The journey will tickle your senses, which become more aware and that will be surprised by traditions and events. The journey is humility, we have to start  to learn again, we can no longer take anything for granted, we have to allow ourselves to get lost in front of customs and situations that we did not know. Par excellence it is the time of  meeting since each nation looks at, looks after and loves different things. The journey is about becoming aware, understanding, not just telling. Change the latitude for a change of perspective.” This is our belief!

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