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The Coastline from another viewpoint: Skydiving experience!

Tour Info

Duration: half day
Info: including sky diving, assistance, videotape. Transfer on request.


Make your holiday very special,  living a moment which will be memorable. This is the adventure that you have been looking for!
You can experience Skydiving with a TANDEM JUMP. Otherwise, If your stay is at least 5 days you could join the course, which is a full immersion to learn all the basic knowledge and the final abilitation for the FREE FALL FLIGHT.


An extraordinary experience, a memory for a lifetime… The tandem jump!

After  30 minutes of a ground preparation with an expert instructor, PT (Tandem pilot), you will get on the plane, ready for your first “flight”, with other skydivers.

In absolute safety,  the most exciting experience of your life will start!

The plane takes off, you fly for 15 minutes up to an altitude of about 4200 meters, admiring the wonderful panorama!
The door opens and, also, Your eyes open to a new and exciting world.
Jumping in the sky, now supported by a powerful and smooth airflow.
Hooked to your instructor for about 60 seconds, you experience the incredible freedom sensation of “FREE FALL”: It is not possible to describe to anyone who has not done it before: It is an incredible feeling!
At the opening of the parachute (1500 meters) you fly more slowly:  now it is SILENCE to dominate.
Flying will seem the most natural thing in the world.
Then you will land  slowly ”

Your skydiving experience  will be filmed by a parachutist with a camera, so you can relive every moment of your extreme emotion!

Location: Pontecagnano

Transfers from / to the hotel available.


The “accelerated free fall” (FFA) method is based on the basic and latest techniques of “free fall”.

Physical training is not necessary, the most important things are relaxation, sensitivity, attention. The ground course (about eight hours) focuses on theory and the basic knowledge, supported by the use of modern multimedia instruments. from the very first launch, the learner flies in “free fall” and throughout the launch he is assisted by two AFF instructors (jumpmasters).

The FFA method seems to have extraordinary results: the “free fall” approach is fun and exciting, giving to the  neo-parachutist the chance to fly and land safely  and make spectacular exercises (rotations and somersaults). The course is made up of seven levels. Each level includes exercises to improve the learner’s skills. Each level also includes a few flights with the Jumpmasters. At the last level the jumpmaster support is with “no contact” .

Before the course, The FFA learner can choose a new equipment (suit, helmet, goggles, altimeter) which can be used till the end of the course. The use of the school’s parachute  (designed specifically for learning with a mechanical safety systems and cyber) is free for the whole course. Admission fee, which is compulsory, includes the use of the school’s  parachute and also, on request, a room in the guesthouse of the School. The average duration of the course is 4/5 days or 15 hours.

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