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Spring Tasting Special Offer: The Buffalo Mozzarella and the Buffalo Milk Chocolate


Originally known as Poseidonia,Paestum is one of the most important and fascinating Italian Archeological sites. You cannot miss the Paestum ruins, well known all over the World as its local gastronomy. Here in Paestum the Buffalo Mozzarella has born; this is the area where the best Mozzarella Farms are located. Take the chance to

spend a lovely full day tour escorted by a local who will give you the chance to discover a gorgeous Italian corner. A walk through the Doric style temples, with a stop to give pleasure to your mouth: a good combination between history and gastronomy, an unique experience!

A stroll around the Estate brings you close to the buffalos, surrounded by smell scent and noises that harmonize with the modern breeding facilities. By watching experience and knowledge of artisanal cheese making, you can appreciate the passion that is needed to make an excellent product.  Keep walking through the Buffalo Leather shop, being enchanted by an ancient collection preserved at the Museo della Civiltà Contadina. On your walk, take a stop under a relaxing portico to tasting the gorgeous Buffalo Mozzarella.One of the ancient Buffalo Mozzarella Farm will welcome you, it will open the doors for seeing the different steps of the artisan mozzarella production.

Then the chocolate experience to add a sweet touch to your day.  The experience is not about the simple chocolate. It is all about a “product evolution”, when the Buffalo Milk meets the CocoaThe Buffalo Milk Chocolate. You will see how the traditional raw materials combine each other’s, producing new flavors such as chocolates, yogurtice-cream and much more. The buffalo milk chocolate tasting will surprise your mouth, intense and spicy, sweet and bitter, a unique flavor! A daily trip to an authentic cathedral of flavor, an unusual combination of ingredients which will impress you! Tour Highlights Buffalo Farm Stables Mozzarella Making Process Agricultural museum Leather handcraft shop Chocolate machines Mozzarella Tasting Chocalate Tasting Cheese- Yoghurteria- gelateria shop LIMITED OFFER!!! Contact us to check the availability

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