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Pompeii: walking through the history

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Meeting point: to be agreed Duration: half day
Info: including local tour guide. Tranfer on Request. Minimum 2 people

Pompeii guided tour

One of the World’s best heritage! Visit the excavations of this world-famous Roman town, destroyed by the eruption of the Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

Ancient Pompeii sprawls in a decrepit heap at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, which erupted in AD 79, destroying the town. Buried by stones and ash it lay undiscovered until the 17th century. In 1748 excavation began, revealing a city frozen in time. All around, buildings have survived, often replete with paintings and sculpture. Graffiti is still on walls, street are paved; the ghosts of  a distant past are almost tangible on site. Pompeii offers the best look at what life in Rome must have been like 2000years ago. An entire city of well-preserved ruins is yours to explore. Once a thriving commercial port of 20000, Pompeii grew from Greek and Etruscan roots to become an important Roman City. From the Porta Marina, Via Marina leads straight to Pompeii’s main square, the Forum. The Forum (Foro), Pompeii’s commercial, religious and political center, stand at the intersection of the city’s two main streets. Here we can see the Curia, home of the government. Head down to Via del Foro and enter the impressive baths, Terme del Foro with four rooms: the waiting room, the warm bath, hot bath, cold- plunge bath. The largest house of Pompeii is the House of the Faun, which has provided Naples’ Archeological Museum with many of its top treasures, including the original dancing faun ( you’ll see a copy here) and the famous mosaic of the Battle of Alexander. The best preserved house is the House of Vetti with its spectacular mosaics and frescoes. There is much more to see; 75% of Pompeii’s 164 acres have been excavated! Half day guided tour. Tour is escorted by local guide. Transfer from Naples- Amalfi Coast- Rome is available!

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