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Through the Towers of the Amalfi Coast

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Meeting point: to be agreed Duration: full day
Info: Private boat, skipper/tour guide. snorkeling equipment, drink and snack. Or private transportation with driver/tour guide. Minimum 2 people

Amalfi Coast by boat.

Also, available driving tour of the Amalfi Coast along the main attractions.

Travelling through the coast between Vietri e Sorrento, we will come across many Saracen and Ottomans towers, built as watching or defending point from the Turkish and Pirates.  The defending towers have a circular shape, different from the watching towers which are squared.Below all the towers, located on the Amalfi Coast,  some of them are not easily reachable.

Discover the history of the Amalfi Coast Tower and don’t miss the chance to get inside one of them, even to have an unforgettable lunch. Eating on the top of the Tower, just by the sea!

Towers of the Amalfi Coast

Vietri sul Mare: the first tower, you meet on the coastal road that leads from Salerno to Positano is Crestarella tower, or tower of the Chiatamone which was built in 1564 and restored in 1578/79.

For the protection of Vietri sul Mare in 1569 two towers were built: the first Vito Bianchi tower at Marina di Vietri, much larger, because a tower of defense, currently used as Guardia di Finanza building, the second at Marina d’Albori, smaller, which is currently incorporated in a new building and transformed into a private home.

Cala di fuenti: The Tower of Bassano is one of the many watch towers along the Amalfi Coast built in 1563.

Cetara: On the eastern side of Cetara rises the tower of Cetara, built in 1576 on an old tower, built probably in the early fourteenth century. The basis of circular shape is of the old tower while the upper part is in square shape. It has been taken by the Cetara public administration to convert it in a museum: the museum of fishing.

Erchie: the Erchie tower, one of the best preserved towers of the coastline, dating back to 1532, and the tower Capo Tummolo, built around 1570 now almost totally destroyed.

The stretch of coast between Erchie and Maiori: the tower of Lama del Cane, built around 1532-33, now in ruins; the Badia tower, built around 1570 now a private house;  Caesar tower, built around 1532-33, also used as a private residence.

Maiori: Norman tower, or tower of Salicerchio, built between 1534-90, very well preserved in its original structure. It is currently used as a restaurant and nightclub; Mezzacapo tower, built in 1584 also well preserved in its original construction.

Minori: Paradise Tower between 1564-99, today there are only the outer walls, completely modified and used as private residence.

Ravello : the tower of Scarpariello,  also called Ficarola for a fig tree beside. Built around 1533, currently placed in a residential area, it has now been completely transformed inside, while the outer structure still retains its original appearance.
Atrani: Atrani tower built between 1544 and 1549 was equipped with heavy artillery formed in 1556 from the merging of the bells of the monastery of St. Lorenzo in Piano. Today it houses a nightclub.

Amalfi: The Tower of Ziro, on a hill overlooking Amalfi, with the fortress of Pogerola and the fortress of Santa Sofia now destroyed, were the defense complex of the town of Amalfi. The Tower of Ziro was built around the year 1278 and renovated in 1440. Currently abandoned.

Conca dei Marini: White Tower, or Tower of the Silence. Built in 500, stands on a promontory and was used as a cemetery.

Praiano: Tower of Assiola or Sciola tower, was built in 1270 and commissioned by Carlo d’Angio’. It is perhaps the most beautiful and best preserved medieval tower of the Amalfi coast. The Grado tower, built in 1564 and then completely rebuilt

Positano: with its three towers. The tower of Sponda, very similar to the tower of Ziro, built between 1268 and 1269, now owned by Count Pattison; Trasita tower, located on a spur of rock overlooking the beach, was demolished and on its ruins was built the tower of Cozzi; Fornillo tower located in front of two rocks called Mother and Son, built about 1532-33, is currently part of a building complex known as Castelletto.

Massa Lubrense : Crapolla Tower, Recommone Tower (or Recumone), Tower of Cantone, Tower of Montalto.

Punta Campanella: Minerva Tower (or Campanella) ,Tower Fossa della Papara  (or Fossa Papa, or di Namonte), Tower Collina della Terra, Tower Punta San Lorenzo, Tower of Capo Corbo

Sorrento: Tower of St. Elia of Ceremegna, Tower of St. Fortunato, Tower of Gallo

We can arrange a guided tour overlooking the towers of Amalfi coast or with private transportation and driver (land tour) or if you would like to discover their history in between swimming and relaxation, we can arrange the tour by boat.

Itinerary will be customized on request.

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