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The Flight of the Angel: the Europe’s longest mountain zipwire experience

TravelAmalfi will take you to the skies, for the Europe’s longest mountain zipwire experience. The Flight of the Angel is the most exciting ride of your life…120km/h, terrifying and amazing all in one! You will have the opportunity to walk between the houses and the rocks, a fascinating excursion historical and natural. Read more

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Lampare Lights Night: on July 21st at Cetara

Cetara, the tiny village on the Amalfi Coast, has an ancient fishing tradition, especially for the anchovies fishing technique. Local uses and folklore that you can live on July 21th for the event “Lampare lights night”. Read more

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day

Today Italy celebrates St. Peter and St. Paul, founders of the Rome Holy See .
Peter was crucified on the Vatican Hill upside down because he declared himself unworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord. His relics are now enshrined under the high altar of St. Peter’s Basilica. He is considered the first Pope of the Church.
Great celebration in Rome to honor the Patron Saints.

The Saint Peter and Paul’s day is declared one of the greatest event of the Amalfi Coast, too. Many sea villages, Read more

Amalfi Coast by Sea Kayak


Take the chance to discover the Amalfi Coast’s beauty, exploring the hidden corners reachable only from the sea, but in a different way. The sea kayak excursion is ideal for who would like to live the wild side of the Coastline, the crystalline water, spots and places never seen before.

Amalfi Coast by sea kayak…An unforgettable experience, a different perspective, an unmissable adventure! Read more

Ancient Paestum tour

This walking tour takes you through the ruins of Ancient Paestum, and shows the truly magnificence of the city founded around the end of the 7th century BC by colonists from the Greek city of Sybaris, and originally known as Poseidonia, Paestum is one of the most important and fascinating Italian  Archeological site.

It was first a Greek city, then a Roman Colony Read more

Paragliding on the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return” (L. Da Vinci)

Paragliding is one of the most beautiful ways to fly. The feeling is just to get up from the slope and glide gently into the air. Under yourself the amazing panorama of the  Amalfi Coast and the National Park of Read more

Amalfi Coast Nightclub: the Africana Famous Club

The Africana is one of the most renowned nightclubs of the Amalfi Coast, located in Praiano. The reference of the summer nightlife, for those who want to spend a completely different night, having fun surrounded by a breathtaking scenery of the Amalfi Coast.

Two large grottoes stacked 10 meters above the sea level, a large ground floor  covered with glass sheet and through it you can see the sea below where stalactites and stalagmites have lit iridescent. A lights game which make the place even more magical! Read more

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57th edition of the Maritime Republics Regatta: Amalfi wins!

After 11 years Amalfi back to win the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics: it was held yesterday afternoon in the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi Coast.

The photofinish had to determine the order of arrival of a very uncertain race with Amalfi and Venice that gave birth to a heads up that kept everyone in suspense, waiting for the official verdict.

We were there, assisting from the sea at the incredible victory celebrations with sounds of horns and sirens. Surrounded by hundreds of boats and thousands of people on the land, locals and tourists with strong enthusiasm to celabrate with the regatta’s crew till the night.

Celebrations will continue in the coming days, the Amalfi Ancient Regatta has always been a strong tradition, deeply felt by the locals.

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(Italiano) Il Crocifisso Ritrovato: dal 27 al 29 Aprile nel Centro Storico di Salerno


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Nightclub in Positano: Music on the Rocks

The Music on the Rocks – Disco Dinner Club of Positano on the Amalfi Coast – 30 years is a benchmark for national and international clubbing.

Carved into the rock at the eastern side of the Spiaggia Grande, this club attracts many tourists and locals, and also hosts some of the best dj of Italy. Read more

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Restaurant in Maiori: La Torre Normanna

An enchanted place, a wonderful panorama, an elegant atmosphere. The restaurant La Torre Normanna is located in the picturesque Amalfi Coast, Maiori, in an old tower dating back to 1300. Renowned all around the World, the restaurantl has had as its guests Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell. Read more

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Restaurant on the Amalfi Coast: La Tonnarella- Conca dei Marini

A simple place but characterized by magic, a memorable setting especially because the restaurant is reachable from the sea, perhaps at the end of a funny day on the boat. Charming atmosphere combined with excellent food!

The restaurant “La Tonnarella” has made ​​the history of Marina di Conca, Read more

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Amalfi Coast Restaurant: A’ Paranza – Atrani

Via Dragone 2, Atrani

In this restaurant are concentrated passion, professionalism, friendliness and the experience that every day ‘A Paranza dedicated to its customers.
The exclusivity of the raw materials allows the preparation of dishes that impress with their simplicity of flavors, never covered by unnecessary condiments.The wine cellar  is highly selected Read more

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Hotel in Salerno: Grand Hotel Salerno

Four Stars Hotel in Salerno , Lungomare Clemente Tafuri, 1- 84127 Salerno (SA)

The Grand Hotel Salerno (4,000 is the result of a state-of-the-art project of the famous Italian architect Nicola Pagliara.  Conceived with a characteristic prow shape, it lays on the enchanting scenery of the Gulf of Salerno facing the divine Amalfi Coast. Read more

Amalfi Coast: Lloyds Baia Hotel – Vietri sul Mare

Four stars hotel, via De Marinis 2 – 84019 Vietri sul Mare (SA)

Sea, relax, elegance, culture, fun and an unique locations in the world. Every wish is fulfilled in a stay at the Lloyd’s Baia Hotel, the ideal setting for relaxing weekend or longer holidays. Read more

First Day: America’s Cup World Series in Naples The first day: The AC World Series, Naples opened in spectacular fashion on Wednesday as strong winds and big waves created thrilling racing conditions. The AC45 catamarans, powered by their powerful wing sails, were leaping out of the water, launched into the air by the heavy sea state. Artemis Racing capsized in the gnarly conditions and suffer from a damaged wing. It will be a late night for their shore crew. The bad whether condition, especially the raining, did not stop all the people who were ready to assist at the show. Naples and its guests are so enthusiastic to hold the event which will continue till next Sunday, even if the rain seems to be constant for all the week end.

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Sky Diving Experience: what our travelers say about!

[youtube][/youtube] “An unusual way to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Amalfi Coast, an adventure to live once in a life! It is a way to get strong emotions, an incredible surge of adrenaline: a moment which will be memorable! Assisted by specialized skydivers,  knowledgeable and friendly instructors, able to manage the tension and make you feel comfortable. In absolutely safety, you should take the chance to feel the Free Fall sensation…Simply amazing!” Do not waste time, come to fly with us!

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Get Ready! The Amalfi Coast is calling…

Finally here we are!

It’s time to put the Havaianas on: These beautiful sunny days herald the beginning of summer, the time that we’ve been waiting for a long! With Easter we can officially declare the starting of the high season, one that we love more, the one that see the Amalfi Coast as protagonist .

It’s time to take advantage of what the Divine Coast offers you: adventure and outdoor sports, special experiences, a walk through the alleys of a fishermen’s village. Places we love so much, places that turn the charm on especially during the spring and summer time: the sun that brightens up the colors of an hidden corner; the perfect climate for a riding on horseback surrounded by the nature; the romantic atmosphere of a view at sunset, admiring it from the boat which is taking us to a restaurant by the sea. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast combined with our support will give you emotions that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

We would like to let you capture the place’s essence, simply through the knowledge and the love for our birthplace and our work. Satisfying different needs,  like a surge of adrenalin  given by a launch with parachute or an excursion by helicopter; or simply a fishing day where you can take part to feel the direct contact with the place, its people and its traditions.

Even if we are locals and we live the place every day, our enthusiasm is always more and more… that’s why we cannot wait to lead you through this discovery!!! With the aim to make you fall in love with the Amalfi Coast…

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Capri: Hotel Luna

Capri four stars , Viale Matteotti, 3 – 80073 Capri (Napoli)

Watching the sun rising over the sea, whiling away a morning lazing by the pool, relishing a delicious lunch of insalata caprese and fresh fruit, taking a spot of exercise in the panoramic fitness corner, enjoying a candlelit dinner

Read more

Amalfi Coast: Hotel Le Sirenuse – Positano

Positano five stars hotel Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30  – 84017 Positano (Sa)

Le Sirenuse is a wonderful place from which to enjoy the simple pleasures of Positano and the spectacular Amalfi Coast.

Le Sirenuse opened in 1951, when the Marchesi Sersale turned their summer house into a charming Hotel, Read more

America’s Cup World Series: Assisti all’evento in prima fila!

Napoli, una delle città più belle del mondo, ospiterà l’ America’s Cup World Series dal 7 al 15 aprile.

I migliori velisti e le barche più veloci, uno spettacolo da non perdere! l’ America’s Cup World Series potrebbe essere un buon motivo per scoprire le meraviglie costiere, la bellezza del mare e del paesaggio.

Partecipa all’evento, unendoti alla nostra escursione prevista per il 7 Aprile 2012. Cogli l’occasione di trascorrere una giornata in barca assistendo alla cerimonia d’apertura della Regata.

Partenza in mattinata da Salermo Molo Manfredi e godendo lo spettacolare panorama costiero arriveremo nel Golfo di Napoli.

Il programma comprende: trasferimenti in barca, brunch a bordo, assistenza, fotografo, cerimonia d’apertura e regata.

Al termine del programma di Regate, rientro a Salerno.

Per Info e Prenotazioni non esitare a contattarci

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America’s Cup World Series: Full day excursion

Naples, one of the most beautiful Cities of the World, will host the America’s Cup World Series, from April 7th  to April 15th.

The best sailors and the fastest boats, a spectacular show that you cannot miss! Take the chance to join our excursion, scheduled for April 7th to assist at the opening day.

It is a full day excursion by boat, including assistance, brunch, photographer and regatta show.

The morning of April 7th you will leave by a fast boat from Salerno Molo Manfredi. On your way till the Naples Bay, enjoying the charming costal panorama! You will have brunch on board while you will be assisting at the Opening Day Cerimony.

With a photographer support you can immortalize the best moments of the Regatta.

After the Regatta you will go back to Salerno.

The America’s Cup World Series could be a good reason to discover the wonderful City of Naples and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the landscape, culture, art and traditions.

Don’t miss it, contact us!

The America’s Cup World Series video

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Naples to host America’s Cup World Series

Naples, one of the most beautiful Cities of the World, a city with an immediate beauty, full of hidden treasures over and underground, with a maze of alleys in the historical center. Full of History and Culture, with its with numerous theatres, cultural centers, music venues, art galleries, Naples is a vibrant City with a colorful folklore and popular art displays.

Naples will host the America’s Cup World Series, an event that will bring the best sailors in the world to Italy in April 2012 and May 2013. Everything  is ready for the event: from April 7th  to April 15th.
The America’s Cup World Series is the opportunity that Naples has been waiting to improve its international image. The city is getting ready to host the event in the best possible way. There is much enthusiasm and the desire to participate is palpable. This event  is going to be not only a sporting event, but it will also be a flywheel for real development, from tourism to employment. The AC World Series will provide great visibility to the already exceptional setting of the waterfront of via Caracciolo. The race course in Naples will be just off the town, and easily visible.

The America’s Cup World Series could be a good reason to discover the wonderful City of Naples and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the landscape, culture, art and traditions… Don’t miss it!

Click here to see the video

The America’s Cup World Series Program

Opening Weekend
April 7 – 14:10 – Match Racing (one on one duels between the teams)
April 8 – 14:10 – Fleet Racing (three 15 minute fleet races)

Championship Racing
April 11 – 14:15 – Match Race seeding races (up to three fleet races)
April 12 – 14:15 – Match Race seeding races (up to three fleet races)
April 13 – 14:10 – AC500 Speed Trials plus Match Race seeding races (up to three fleet races)
April 14 – 14:10 – Match Race seeding plus Match Race Championship races
April 15 – 13:50 – AC500 Speed Trials plus Fleet Race Championship race (14:55 start)

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Easter on the Amalfi Coast: Special Offer!

Easter Week is a great time to visit the Amalfi Coast. The monuments,traditions and landscapes can be enjoyed more because it is less crowded than in the summer. The climate of the Easter season is ideal for those who want to venture between the beautiful Lattari mountains overlooking Salerno,Amalfi,Positano…

Easter week is the perfect moment to visit the Divine Coast!

Very impressive are the rituals of Easter Week: a “passion” that is renewed on the Amalfi Coast.
Festivals, shows, concerts, religious events, liturgies; people in the streets  and churches  to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the paschal mystery.
A celebration filled with emotion, that evokes the passion of Christ, is held in Amalfi on Good Friday, with the hooded dress with a white tunic that illuminate the cathedral with their torches to the feet of Christ carried in procession with music and poignant statue of Madonna SS Sorrows.
Emotional and moving is the procession of the doors in Maiori, sad, but compelling, recalling the death of God made man, but also invites reflection on the human condition; condition is often distressed by the mystery of death.
The banner of spirituality, even a trip to Ravello, with its traditional religious ceremonies, including the touching Via Crucis.

Easter on the Amalfi Coast – Special Offer

The Easter period is the time to take a break, staying in a charming 4 stars hotel just by the sea. Enjoy the wellness area, furnished with sea water swimming pool, water massage, gym.

Don’t miss the chance to walk along the charming villages’ streets, or join an excursion on horseback in the middle of the Monti Lattari. You will enjoy one of the best panorama on the Amalfi Coast and Salerno Bay, riding on horseback through pathways and tracks unknown by the mass, nature, relax and a beautiful pictures setting. It is, also the perfect moment to live a special adventure : the Sky Diving and The tandem jump, an extraordinary experience.. a memory for a lifetime!

FROM € 300,00 PAX

*Price includes 2 nights with breakfast in 4stars hotel, Wellness area pass, excursions. Limited Availability

For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us

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Positano among the ten most beautiful beaches in the world!

We are really proud to be one of the World Traveller’s Choise Destination of the 2012!

Positano is one of the top ten for its beauty and charm. The pearl of the Amalfi Coast has had the prestigious awards by TripAdvisor, the most famous travel review website in the World, announcing the winners of the 2012 Traveller’s Choice Destination Beaches. Winners are selected on the basis of the most popular beach destinations for travelers from TripAdvisor.

Located in the middle of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is today a sophisticated tourist destination. Characterized by its Moorish architecture and the steep stairs that lead from the village to the beach, this picturesque town has long been a favorite destination for artists, musicians and writers. The two main beaches, Praia Grande and Fornillo, are both within walking distance, the others are achieved mainly by sea. Easy reachable Capri and Ischia for a day trip .

We are surely agreed with The Tripadvisor travellers’ choice and we invite you to visit Positano without missing, also, others amazing spots on the Amalfi Coast, which would deserve the same award for them uniqueness!

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“Spring Tourism in Campania” by The Los Angeles times

Go to Campania and do it now! That’s the message of the report written few days ago by Rosemary McClure, special to the Los Angeles Times.

Read below the newspaper’s report:

Getting the timing right for Capri, Italy!!

Europe’s favorite island getaway is swarmed in July and August. But May and September are great months to enjoy its winding cobblestone streets and rocky beaches.

“Don’t go there,” a well-traveled friend said when I mentioned my plans to visit Capri, a sunny island off southern Italy. Why? “You’re not going to want to come home,” he said.

I laughed. My friend, a know-it-all author, loves to give advice. I didn’t need it; I already knew I would fall in love with Capri. It’s been one of Europe’s favorite island getaway for more than 2,000 years, enthralling a cast of characters ranging from Roman emperors to 21st century luminaries and A-listers.

It was a honeymoon destination for Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis and his bride, Jacqueline Kennedy; a playground and movie set for screen goddesses Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren; a magnet for artists and writers such as Graham Greene and W. Somerset Maugham. Today’s see-and-be-seen crowd includes Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Every year, nearly a quarter-million vacationers join the glitterati, squeezing onto the 2-by-4-mile island, mostly in July and August. So many people pack Capri’s winding cobblestone streets and rocky beaches each summer that some travel guides, such as Fodor’s and Rick Steves, dismiss it.

But there is a way to avoid the madness: See it in May or September.

My trip in May qualified as a celebration of sorts: A friend was making merry at the end of lengthy divorce proceedings. She invited four friends to accompany her, all of whom left husbands or boyfriends and kids at home for a two-week getaway. My time (and budget) were limited, so I dropped in and out of the trip, joining them for the Capri segment.

My trip to get here was so convoluted I sometimes wondered whether I would make it. My itinerary took me from Los Angeles to Rome by air, to Naples by train, to the Amalfi Coast village of Positano by hired car and finally to Capri by hydrofoil. As I sped across the water I decided that, on my next trip, I would skip all the sightseeing, fly directly to Naples and jump on the ferry for the 40-minute ride.

The island appeared on the horizon as a stark mass of limestone rising out of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Villas perched precariously on hillsides and fishing boats bobbed on the waves. I couldn’t see the island’s iconic towering rocks, called faraglioni, from the direction we approached, although later that day I would see them from the land.

The ferry docked at the scruffy port city of Marina Grande, which most tourists exit quickly to ascend to the hilltop village of Capri Town, where the über-chic can be found lolling by pools at private villas or expensive hotels, flashing their platinum cards at chichi shops or sipping limoncello, southern Italy’s signature beverage, at outdoor cafes.

Day-trippers swarm Capri and I’d expected to be surrounded by crowds when I stepped off the funicular at the Piazzetta, Capri Town’s small, beautiful plaza.

I was, indeed, surrounded, but not by a crowd of tourists.

I suddenly had become part of a wedding party. Someone handed me rice as a bride and groom emerged from the Baroque church Santo Stefano and skipped hand-in-hand

Down a flight of steps toward me.

What a welcome. I had expected a teeming mass of tourists but felt instead as though I’d parachuted into a gracious Italian village.

At its heart, that’s what Capri is during much of the year. The season runs from May 1 through Sept. 30; many hotels and restaurants are closed the rest of the year. Off-season, the island belongs to the Caprisians.

The off-season may not appeal to some because of rain and wind. But in May, June and September, beautiful weather prevails, and travelers who arrive during those months miss the hordes.

Before I took the sea tour, I wanted to see the island by land. I didn’t want to spend much time at high-end boutiques; there were dramatic views, graceful gardens, bright flowers and historic ruins to see. Because cars are banned in the main city, we walked everywhere, through island’s history and characteristics as we strolled.

Finally to Anacapri, which caters mainly to tourists but offers a more casual face to visitors and has its own attractions.

At the top of the list sits Villa San Michele, home to gracious gardens and spectacular panoramic views of Capri’s coastline, the Sorrentine Peninsula and Mt. Vesuvius. The complex, on a ledge about 1,000 feet above the sea, was built on the ruins of an ancient chapel around the turn of the 20th century.

Then the Mt. Solaro, at the summit of the island. We could hike up the hill, a 90-minute walk, or take a chairlift, which makes the trip in 12 minutes. After two days of walking the hilly, cobblestone paths of Capri, I voted for the chairlift. Suspended from its lofty swinging seat, I could see the island’s rural charm: sweetly scented lemon groves, sun-bleached stucco farmhouses and banks of brilliantly colored bougainvillea.

Capri’s rural areas are the main allure for some visitors to the island, who come to hike and commune with nature instead of hitting the shops. Miles of ancient trails crisscross the countryside, stone pathways that are marked by the wear of 2,000 years of foot traffic. Smart travelers hike these charming, lonely trails from 11 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m. each day while day-trippers swarm the island and clog the streets of Capri Town and Anacapri.

Another way to while away those hectic hours: See the island from the sea. My friends and I did just that, on the gozzo, a classic wooden boat used for lounging and sightseeing along the coast.

Our first stop was the Blue Grotto, a sea cave known for its ethereal blue light. The cave, Capri’s best-known attraction, has a low, narrow entryway and can be accessed only from the water. To enter, we transferred from the gozzo to small rowboats. The boatman told us to lie on the floorboards.

When the tide was right, he hunched down in the boat too and maneuvered it through a cleft in the rocks on an incoming wave. We flew through the low opening and entered a new dimension where a shaft of sunlight streaming through the cave entrance flooded the grotto with brilliant blue light.

We spent about 10 minutes in the cave, looking into its silvery waters and listening to our boatman sing an echoing version of “O Sole Mio.” Then he cautioned us once again to lie on the floorboards to avoid smashing into the cave wall as we exited the grotto on a retreating wave. Touristy but fun and exciting too.

Then it was back to the gozzo for a half-day cruise around the island. The din of Capri Town faded as we swam in sea caves, lounged on the boat’s deck, spotted mountain goats clinging to the hillside and marveled over spectacular views and scenery.

Yes, my friend the author had a point, I thought, as I drifted under a blue sky. Capri’s rugged seascapes, chichi piazzas, cool cafés and charming countryside had cast their spell.

Home? Perish the thought.

reporting from Capri, Italy— By Rosemary McClure, Special to the Los Angeles Times

February 19, 2012

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Amalfi Coast: The Divine Coastline

Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful Coastlines of the World! Travellers and tourists arrive in Amalfi Coast to enjoy the sea, the rich history and landscape.

A rocky coastline experience which alternates sandy beaches with hidden coves and inlets, barely visible and reachable only by boat.
Amalfi Coast, due to its uniqueness, is irresistible in high season! It deserves, also, a visit in mid and low seasons, to find water always clear, semi-deserted beaches, and  few cars that travel the long scenic route. Beaches, large or small, are a priceless heritage; reachable by the sea with boats, pedal boats, canoes or by swimming. An ideal which best suits your needs and expectations! The simple seaside activities and the impressive wealth of history, art and culture that the Coast offers its visitors. Perhaps, this is the real miracle of the Amalfi Coast…    

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Driving along the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Driven Tour

Discover the divine Amalfi Coast along a road built in 1840 which has breathtaking views of the steep rugged coastline at every bend. Coming from the beautiful city of Salerno, one of the most livable Cities in Italy, you encounter Vietri sul Mare, famous place for its colourful ceramic Read more

Limoncello Tour

The best way to learn the secrets about the most famous produced liqueur in south of Italy: The Limoncello!!
Made only by lemons, sugar and pure alcohol, still today there is a debate about the exact origin of the drink.
Starting from the source of this liqueur, the lemons, the tour will take place in a garden of lemons, with the intense scents of the lemon Read more

Traditional Crafts: Vietri sul Mare and the Ceramic Class

Vietri sul Mare
is a fascinating town, gate door of the Amalfi Coast. With a wonderful panorama on the Salerno Bay and the Amalfi Coast, it could be a nice welcome to the most beautiful Coastline of the South Italy. Stroll along the colorful houses and narrow streets of Vietri sul Mare, built in relation to the Arab defensive strategies. People say that during the incursions, inhabitants threw things down from the balconies to block the Read more

Amalfi Coast riding on horseback

After exploring the main highlights of the Amalfi Coast, you will get to a typical little Italian Ranch situated in the middle of the Monti Lattari ( Lattari Mounts). You will enjoy one of the best panorama on the Amalfi Coast and Salerno Bay, riding on horseback through pathways and tracks unknown by the mass, nature, relax and a beautiful pictures setting…an unusual itinerary which will give you the chance to explore hidden Read more

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