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Spring Tasting Special Offer: The Buffalo Mozzarella and the Buffalo Milk Chocolate


Originally known as Poseidonia,Paestum is one of the most important and fascinating Italian Archeological sites. You cannot miss the Paestum ruins, well known all over the World as its local gastronomy. Here in Paestum the Buffalo Mozzarella has born; this is the area where the best Mozzarella Farms are located. Take the chance to

A special week on the Amalfi Coast: Sailing and Wine experience!

AMALFI COAST SAILING AND WINE From June 13th to June 20th  or September 12th to September  19th  (7 nights) Departure/Arrival: Procida Island After the previous years’ great success, the Wine and Sail experience is back on the 2015 summer edition with two dates: June and September! Wine & Sail is an unique experience for people who loves sailing and the good living. Jump onboard and sail with us, we will be

Christmas Lights in Salerno

The Magical Christmas lights up Salerno City. From November 7th till middle of January you can walk through the amazing medieval town of Salerno, feeling a special atmosphere. The 2014 Christmas Edition of “Luci d’Artista” is the spectacular exposition of luminous artworks throughout Salerno. The Luci d’Artista will bring you into 

Guided Tour of Naples by Vintage Vespa

TOP SIGHTS OF NAPLES BY VESPA TOUR A locally dictum says “See Naples and then die” which means that once in a life (before dying) Naples has been seen! Even more if you visit Naples by vespa! If you “wanna be Napoletano”, join our tour on a beautiful vintage Vespa, with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. Discover the city’s charm in the historic center, the largest in Europe and a UNESCO World heritage site. Naples boasts beautiful scenery which was

Duration: 4 hours

Christmas in Naples: the best handmade works of the World

The beauty of Naples can be admired in its landscape, castles, monuments, breathtaking views but during the Christmas time the city takes a special charm, especially if you walk through San Gregorio Armeno and San Biagio dei Librai’ streets.

These are the icons of the Christmas, with the Christmas lights and the nativity scenes; the Christmas market in San Gregorio Armeno hosts

Where the History meets the Taste: Paestum and the Buffalo mozzarella!

An ancient City founded around the end of the 7th century BC, originally known as Poseidonia, Paestum is one of the most important and fascinating Italian Archeological sites. Forgotten for many Centuries and only rediscovered in the XVI century, Paestum was expanding with the building of roads, temples and other features of a growing city. The main features of the site today are the standing remains of three major temples in Doric style, dating from the first half of the 6th century BC dedicated to Hera and Athena, although they have traditionally been identified as a basilica and temples of Neptune and Ceres, owing to 18th century mis-attribution. The city

Duration: half day

Amalfi Coast wine tour: tasting the Nectar of the Gods

Campania is an Italian Region with a very old tradition of wine. We have so many places and different wine producing areas and each of them offers different type of wine: Aglianico, Falanghina, Cilento DOC, Costa D’Amalfi DOC, Fiano, Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and many others. All of them are DOC (Denomination of Origin Controlled) and DOCG (Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed), conforming to specific production rules .

You can take the chance to discover the secrets of our wine, we will take you on a wine tour on the Amalfi Coast. It is a “taste routes“, which,

Duration: half day

Fiat 500 Vintage: Tour on the Amalfi Coast

The Fiat 500 is a car produced in Italy by the Fiat Company since 1957. It was rear-engined on the pattern of the Volkswagen Beetle and, despite its diminutive size, the 500 proved to be an enormously practical and popular vehicle. In 1975 this car went out of production.

Fiat 500 is the car symbol of the Italian fun spirit, even if today it is quit difficult to see the vintage model on our streets.

If you would like to experience a funny adventure and relive the charme of the 1960s,

Peace of Mind on the Amalfi Coast: Wellness tour!

“This is your space, an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small. Take your time and breathe, sense the moment, use your key and open your heart. Laugh, cry or be crazy if you like… This is your space!” TravelAmalfi wellness tours are designed for travelers looking for

Duration: full day

Ancient Paestum tour

This walking tour takes you through the ruins of Ancient Paestum, and shows the truly magnificence of the city founded around the end of the 7th century BC by colonists from the Greek city of Sybaris, and originally known as Poseidonia, Paestum is one of the most important and fascinating Italian  Archeological site.

It was first a Greek city, then a Roman Colony

Limoncello Tour

The best way to learn the secrets about the most famous produced liqueur in south of Italy: The Limoncello!!
Made only by lemons, sugar and pure alcohol, still today there is a debate about the exact origin of the drink.
Starting from the source of this liqueur, the lemons, the tour will take place in a garden of lemons, with the intense scents of the lemon

Duration: half day

Traditional Crafts: Vietri sul Mare and the Ceramic Class

Vietri sul Mare
is a fascinating town, gate door of the Amalfi Coast. With a wonderful panorama on the Salerno Bay and the Amalfi Coast, it could be a nice welcome to the most beautiful Coastline of the South Italy. Stroll along the colorful houses and narrow streets of Vietri sul Mare, built in relation to the Arab defensive strategies. People say that during the incursions, inhabitants threw things down from the balconies to block the

Duration: half day

Through the Towers of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast by boat.

Also, available driving tour of the Amalfi Coast along the main attractions.

Travelling through the coast between Vietri e Sorrento, we will come across many Saracen and Ottomans towers, built as watching or defending point from the Turkish and Pirates.  The defending towers have a circular shape, different from the watching towers which are squared.Below all the towers, located on the Amalfi Coast,  some of them are not easily reachable.

Duration: full day

Capri: wander around dreamland

Capri Guided Tour

Capri is one of the most enchanting islands in the world, and a “must see” on the international tourist route. Discover the pearl of the Naples Bay, catching a ferry from Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast,

Duration: 3 hrs

The “Dolce Vita” in Ischia: Calessino ride

Ischia Island guided tour by calessino (Ape Piaggio three wheeler) During the Dolce Vita years, Ischia was the favorite spot for Vips and celebrities. Still today we see old pictures, taken on the island, which immortalized famous people on the typical transportation: la motocarrozzella, better known as Calessino!

Duration: full day

Salerno Walking Guided Tour

Salerno walking tour

Let’s discover one of the most livable Cities of Europe! Salerno it deserves a visit, because it combinates its medieval core with the modern city, characterized by a splendid seafront which has been completely pedestrianized

Duration: half day

Naples: City Center Highlights

Naples Guided Tour

The visit takes place from the famous Via Toledo, once the artery responsible for the movement of Spanish troops of occupation, is now one of the most beautiful pedestrian areas of the city.
It is possible in few minutes, to take the funicular that goes up to the hill, that overlooks the entire city center and where you can visit Castle

Duration: half day

Guided Tour Down the stairs of Naples

Naples Guided Tour

From Piazza Vanvitelli We escort you from the carthusian monastery of San Martino trought the Pedamentina stairs. The Pedamentina is a complex system of down stairs, with its 414 steps connects the Carthusian Monastery of San Martino to the city centre. This road was begun in the fourteenth century by the architects of Tino Campiono and Francesco de Vito and, in centuries to come, numerous renovations and extensions have given its present appearance. Historically, several times was equipped with systems defense against those who wished to besiege Castel Sant’Elmo. Today represents an important historical record and urban planning; the Pedamentina is also interesting

Price: from € 60,00  |  Duration: half day

Naples: Walking Between History and Art

Guided Tour of Naples

This itinerary focuses on the oldest part of the city and runs along the roads used 2000 years ago by the Greeks and Romans.
A few meters from the sea is the Maschio Angioino, French castle of exceptional beauty built in the late Middle Ages and embellished by the triumphal arch in the Renaissance, is now home

Duration: half day

Pompeii: walking through the history

Pompeii guided tour

One of the World’s best heritage! Visit the excavations of this world-famous Roman town, destroyed by the eruption of the Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

Duration: half day

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