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I suddenly found myself in an extraordinary cave, the blue grotto and uttered an involuntary exclamation of asthonishment. In front of me, all around, above and behind me I was confronted with things too extraordary to narrate Imagine a cave which is azure through and through, as if God had amused himself building a tent with a fragment of sky!

(Alexandre Dumas, 1835)

Capri is one of the most enchanting islands in the world, and a “must” on the international tourist circuit. For centuries, writers, poets, painters and artists have fallen under its spell and also, many directors have chosen the island as the set for their films. Capri is, still today, the pearl of the Naples’ Bay and a favorite holiday destination for famous people and VIPs that you can easily meet at the “piazzetta” while drinking a nice coffee.
One of the island’s first adepts was the Roman emperor Tiberius, who spent the last year of his life on Capri Island.
The sea and the environment is amazing, with incredible colors: the intense blue of the deep water, the crystalline turquoise in the inlets, the white rocks in the blazing sun and the grey of the cliff tops which fade into the azure  above.
Capri is popular all year round, particularly at weekends. If you visit the island in spring or autumn when the climate is still good and the island is not so crowded, you will really feel you are in a paradise.
The pretty historic center of Anacapri is the other urban center of Capri: where even the most famous visitors can walk around blissfully unnoticed as they saunter through the town’s peaceful piazzas and bougainvillea and geranium festooned lanes.
The icon of Capri Island are The Faraglioni : three immense, 80-100 meter high stacks, the impressive forms of which have been created by the erosive action of the wind and sea. The “Faraglione Stella”‘ is still attached to the coast. The “Faraglione di Mezzo” rises up out of the water some 150 meters or so out to sea. The “Faraglione di Fuori” (also known as “Scopolo”) is the furthest away from the shore line. The Faraglione di Fuori is inhabited by the Podarcis sicula coerulea and the only place in the world in which this particular species of lizard has been found. A natural suggestive show which will impress you!
Another enchanting attraction is the Arco Naturale or Natural Arch; it is what remains of a large grotto that once penetrated the cliffs. The waves of the sea extended its aperture and washed away its debris. After the uplifting of the island during the Paleolithic era, the grotto was freed from the erosive action of the waves and the wind and the rain transformed its surface. The Blue Grotto is the main attraction of the island…No words to describe it and the sensation that you feel when you go inside! To get into it, you need to take one of the small rowing boats moored outside the cave; since the opening is very narrow, you will have to lie on the bottom of the boat to get into the grotto. There is an almost surreal view in the inside, the transparency and the blue color of the water give us the impression of navigating through a clear sky, and the boats seem to float over a fantastic universe.
More attractions are waiting to be visited: Baths of Tiberius, Villa Jovis, monasteries and churches, the Solaro Mount for a breathtaking view across the bays of Sorrento and Naples.
Make your stay a memorable visit! Capri, The azure island, will make you dream!

Peace of Mind on the Amalfi Coast: Wellness tour!

“This is your space, an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small. Take your time and breathe, sense the moment, use your key and open your heart. Laugh, cry or be crazy if you like… This is your space!” TravelAmalfi wellness tours are designed for travelers looking for

Duration: full day

Hidden Coast: inlets and caves

Amalfi Coast by boat

On the Divine Coast there are so many enchanting spots where one can snorkeling, diving or just swimming and relax on the beach. The best of them are so great because hardly reachable and unknown by tourist. We have chosen a few of them, thinking they are worth a visit: below you will find beaches, inlets and caves split by area. During the excursion, with a private boat and local skipper, surely you will ask to stop at some others spots on the way, which are not on the list, but just as well beautiful. We have not mentioned all the 100 spots of the Amalfi Coast just to leave a bit of suspense!

Duration: full day

The seascape of the Amalfi Coast: Snorkeling or scuba diving tour


Enjoy the diving on Amalfi Coast! Come with us on a journey between two worlds: landscape and seascape. An unforgettable experience, diving in the beautiful surroundings of one of the most famous and beautiful coasts of Italy, the Amalfi Coast.
The calcareous nature of the Mediterranean area is full of caves,

Duration: half day

Sky Tour: Amalfi Coast by Helicopter

“The overhang of Amalfi, admired by air, is immersed in a network of pure colors … Here is the garden that we have been looking for, increasingly and unnecessarily, after the lost places of childhood. A memory that is visible above the depths of the sea, suspended on the leaves of orange and cedar in the magnificent hanging gardens of monasteries.”

Price: on request  |  Duration: from 1 to 4 hrs

Capri: wander around dreamland

Capri Guided Tour

Capri is one of the most enchanting islands in the world, and a “must see” on the international tourist route. Discover the pearl of the Naples Bay, catching a ferry from Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast,

Duration: 3 hrs

Capri sea: excursion by boat

Capri by boat

Don’t miss the chance to visit Dreamland, the Isle of Capri! The best way to discover the attractions of Capri Island, with its hidden spots, is by private boat. Departure from an agreed meeting point, you can

Duration: full day

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