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Universally known as “the green isle” on account of its lush vegetation, Ischia attracts tourist from all over the World for its sea and its remarkable spa resources. The beaches are

easy to reach and the mild climate means you can bathe during much of the year.

It is certainly the sea which has been the key to the island’s transformation from a fishing community to a centre of international tourism, offering an ample and diversified range of accommodation…

The many beach resorts along the shore between Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte maintain the island’s tradition as a resort. They stand on wooden stilts, each occupying its own stretch of beach, and rent out beachchairs and beach umbrellas. Other popular spots are the beaches called Maronti, Sant Angelo, Citara and Cava dell isola at Forio, San Montano and finally Casamicciola.

Hire a boat, a trip right round the island is perfectly feasible, for exploring the island’s alluring coastline.

In addition to the bathing possibilities, Ischia has abundant resources in terms of culture and nature.

There are no less than eight zones of mineral springs scattered over the island, not to mention innumerable individual springs,stufas and fumaroles. Indeed, anyone who comes to Ischia planning on recharging body and mind has only too much to choose from!

And if you’ve had your fill of the sea, there are plenty of things to visit, starting from the island’s most characteristic monument, the Aragonese Castle at Ischia Ponte. Built on an islet of volcanic rock reached by a road laid out by King Alfonso I of Aragona in 1438, the castle is in realty a citadel, with streets,churches, a gaol and even a small, out of the way hotel.

There is a manificent panorama from the terraces suspended high over the sea.

At Lacco Ameno you should visit the Sanctuary of Santa Restituta. The crypt gives access to the remains of a palaeochristian basilica with finds which narrate the island’s history from the Greeks to the early Christians.

In the Archeological Museum of Pithecusae close by vases and jewels are evidence of the extensive network of trading carried out by the Pithecusans, Ischia’s first inhabitants. Finally there is the Church of the Soccorso at Forio d’Ischia, where sailors came to give thanks for delivery from danger on the seas. Situated on a west-facing promontory, the church’s simple white façade stands out boldly against the blue of the surrounding sea. What more romantic setting could there be for a stroll at sunset?

When sea and earth meet, unforgettable harmonies of taste are born: triumph of Ischian cuisine are fresh seafood, mozzarella and famous liqueurs such as limoncello and rucolino (made from rocket).


A surface area of barely 4 km2 and some 16 km of coastline make Procida the ideal place for whoever wishes to discover the true dimension of living by the sea. The island offers beaches of sand and stone.

Procida passed to the crown of Naples in 1644, was occupied three times by the British in 1799, while the Neapolitan Republic, from 1806 to 1809 during the Frenchagainst Joseph Bonaparte and G.Murat and in 1813 in wartime against Napoleon.

What is more, its houses maintain all the charm of traditional Mediterranean architecture.

It is no exaggeration to say that the sea is everything for Procida, it accounts for the character of its inhabitants, mostly fishermen or sailors; provides its chief resource, fishing still carried out using traditional methods; and also represents its main asset for the future, because this island has managed to safe guard its natural environment.

There are harbours on three sides of Procida: Marina grande, the port, to the north, with the beach of “Il cannone” nearby; the fishing village of Marina Di Corricella to the east with its houses in whole range of pastel colours; and Marina Di Chiaiolella, to the south, providing moorings for pleasure craft.

There is no doubt that a trip round the coast characterised by rugged tuff cliffs is the best away to get to know its coves and crystal clear sea.

But there are also large expanses of sand, easily accessible for families and young people. The beaches of Chiaiolela are the most popular, with sunbeds and beach umbrellas, as well has numerous restaurants and bars where you can enjoy seafood and limoncello, the liqueur made from procida celebrated lemons.

Procida has also been chosen as a film set for a great number of films, mainly because of its landscapes and its typical Mediterranean architecture. We want to mention here as an example “Il Postino”, with Philippe Noiret and Massimo Troisi and “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, starring Matt Damon.

Peace of Mind on the Amalfi Coast: Wellness tour!

“This is your space, an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small. Take your time and breathe, sense the moment, use your key and open your heart. Laugh, cry or be crazy if you like… This is your space!” TravelAmalfi wellness tours are designed for travelers looking for

Duration: full day

Sky Tour: Amalfi Coast by Helicopter

“The overhang of Amalfi, admired by air, is immersed in a network of pure colors … Here is the garden that we have been looking for, increasingly and unnecessarily, after the lost places of childhood. A memory that is visible above the depths of the sea, suspended on the leaves of orange and cedar in the magnificent hanging gardens of monasteries.”

Price: on request  |  Duration: from 1 to 4 hrs

Cycling through the Amalfi Coast and the Top of the Vesuvius

Bike tour on the Amalfi Coast.

Eco-tourism in the Amalfi Coast and National park of the Vesuvius. Surrounded in the nature, join our guided tours by bike!

Different kinds of eco- tourism itineraries for a healthy experience!  If you are tired of standard tours and would like to discover Amalfi Coast and the surroundings in a special way, don’t miss this opportunity! We offer

Duration: full day

The “Dolce Vita” in Ischia: Calessino ride

Ischia Island guided tour by calessino (Ape Piaggio three wheeler) During the Dolce Vita years, Ischia was the favorite spot for Vips and celebrities. Still today we see old pictures, taken on the island, which immortalized famous people on the typical transportation: la motocarrozzella, better known as Calessino!

Duration: full day

Ischia & Procida: discover the islands by boat

One of the best ways to visit the island is a  tour by boat, so you can visit the must enchanting bays where the landscape is wonderful. Starting from Ischia Porto, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of “Castello Aragonese”, the Aragonese Castle, the ancient Spanish fortress. It is a truly unique and full of great charm, you move on to the “cave of the

Duration: full day

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