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Maiori is the main village of the valley of Tramonti, a modern resort with the largest beach along the Amalfi coast, making this location very popular with families. The original name was ReghinnaMajor” to distinguish it from the nearby Reghinna Minor, and it is basically certain that the founding of Maiori and other centers alongthe coast followed the alternating fortunes of the local populations.
They were first colonized by the Etruscans around VII century, then by the Romans, they formed autonomous settlements after the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, and finally joined in the confederation of the Amalfitan State. Between 830 and 840 Maiori was the mercantile heart of the new state, heart of the Greater Arsenals of the Admiralty, the Customs, and The Salt Warehouses. 
One of the main attractions is the Norman Tower (Torre Normanna) which is the biggest and oldest of the Amalfi Coast Towers. Built between 1250 and 1300, it was used to sight and fight enemy ships. Today it has become a  famous restaurant where you can eat local food just by the sea.
Over the years Maiori became very popular for the Mediterranean food:  Maiori has one foot on land and the other in a boat, the diet of a fishing fox, that mixes garden produce with the fragrance of the sea: a traditional but eclectic way of cooking that is open to new experiments: endive, chicory, spring cabbage.. together with nogli, pezzenti (pork sausage) and aromatic herbs combine in the ” menestra ‘mmaretata“; fresh broad beans and thick slices of salami; “casatiello”, the typical Easter bread made with pork fat and pepper are a must.
Ideal place for families, young people and couples. Maiori offers different kinds of attractions to satisfy all needs: relaxation, gastronomic itineraries, beaches and beautiful sea, natural walks, restaurants and pubs, nightclubs and fun!

Peace of Mind on the Amalfi Coast: Wellness tour!

“This is your space, an oasis where you can relax, take off your shoes, enjoy yourself and the art of living. Feel free, think big, think small. Take your time and breathe, sense the moment, use your key and open your heart. Laugh, cry or be crazy if you like… This is your space!” TravelAmalfi wellness tours are designed for travelers looking for

Duration: full day

Amalfi Coast by Sea Kayak


Take the chance to discover the Amalfi Coast’s beauty, exploring the hidden corners reachable only from the sea, but in a different way. The sea kayak excursion is ideal for who would like to live the wild side of the Coastline, the crystalline water, spots and places never seen before.

Amalfi Coast by sea kayak…An unforgettable experience, a different perspective, an unmissable adventure!

Duration: half-full day

Paragliding on the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Coast

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return” (L. Da Vinci)

Paragliding is one of the most beautiful ways to fly. The feeling is just to get up from the slope and glide gently into the air. Under yourself the amazing panorama of the  Amalfi Coast and the National Park of

Duration: half day

Hidden Coast: inlets and caves

Amalfi Coast by boat

On the Divine Coast there are so many enchanting spots where one can snorkeling, diving or just swimming and relax on the beach. The best of them are so great because hardly reachable and unknown by tourist. We have chosen a few of them, thinking they are worth a visit: below you will find beaches, inlets and caves split by area. During the excursion, with a private boat and local skipper, surely you will ask to stop at some others spots on the way, which are not on the list, but just as well beautiful. We have not mentioned all the 100 spots of the Amalfi Coast just to leave a bit of suspense!

Duration: full day

Through the Towers of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast by boat.

Also, available driving tour of the Amalfi Coast along the main attractions.

Travelling through the coast between Vietri e Sorrento, we will come across many Saracen and Ottomans towers, built as watching or defending point from the Turkish and Pirates.  The defending towers have a circular shape, different from the watching towers which are squared.Below all the towers, located on the Amalfi Coast,  some of them are not easily reachable.

Duration: full day

The seascape of the Amalfi Coast: Snorkeling or scuba diving tour


Enjoy the diving on Amalfi Coast! Come with us on a journey between two worlds: landscape and seascape. An unforgettable experience, diving in the beautiful surroundings of one of the most famous and beautiful coasts of Italy, the Amalfi Coast.
The calcareous nature of the Mediterranean area is full of caves,

Duration: half day

Get Hooked: Amalfi Coast fishing tour

Discovering the charming little fishing villages of The Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine Penisula. With a private boat and local fishermen you will have the chance to live an unforgettable experience, fun and relax at same time. You will see typical fishing villages with beaches, reachable only by boat and only if you are escorted by locals.

Duration: half day

Cooking Class and Mediterranean taste

The Cooking class in the Amalfi Coast is an opportunity to learn the secrets of the Mediterranean taste.

You will  meet the Gastronome and, then, the tour guide will offer you highlights of the town of Minori ,“town of the taste”, including the visit to the Basilica of Saint Trofimena, The Abbey, rebuilt in 700

Duration: full day

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