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Conca dei Marini was an important trading centre, declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.  It takes its name from the village’s shape: a valley by the sea, flocked with little white houses. The Tower of Silence or White Tower, which could be one of the most beautiful Saracen towers of the Amalfi Coast is its most amazing attraction. It was built in the sixth century and it used to be a cemetery, today the White Tower has a breathtaking view especially if you admire it from the sea.  Just beyond Conca dei Marini a lift can take you down to the impressive Emerald Grotto, with its emerald hues reflecting off the underwater rock faces.  Today, it is a little jewel of the Amalfi Coast with its 3km of Coastline and a breathtaking panorama. Conca dei Marini is a very little fishing village where Princess Margaret of England used to come on holiday. With an old gastronomic tradition, It is “the Santarosa” birthplace, (the Santarosa is the “ancestor” of the Sfogliatella) a seashell shape pastry with cream and black cherry inside. According to a legend in the 7th century, few cloistered nuns invented the Santarosa in the Conca dei Marini Monastery.  Today the Monastery is a very elegant hotel with a spectacular view on the Salerno Bay. Visit the belvedere Punta “Vreca”, a panorama spot with the shape of a ship. Don’t miss the unforgettable sea of Conca dei Marini… peace and quiet, away from bustling towns!

Driving along the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Driven Tour

Discover the divine Amalfi Coast along a road built in 1840 which has breathtaking views of the steep rugged coastline at every bend. Coming from the beautiful city of Salerno, one of the most livable Cities in Italy, you encounter Vietri sul Mare, famous place for its colourful ceramic

Duration: full day

Hidden Coast: inlets and caves

Amalfi Coast by boat

On the Divine Coast there are so many enchanting spots where one can snorkeling, diving or just swimming and relax on the beach. The best of them are so great because hardly reachable and unknown by tourist. We have chosen a few of them, thinking they are worth a visit: below you will find beaches, inlets and caves split by area. During the excursion, with a private boat and local skipper, surely you will ask to stop at some others spots on the way, which are not on the list, but just as well beautiful. We have not mentioned all the 100 spots of the Amalfi Coast just to leave a bit of suspense!

Duration: full day

Through the Towers of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast by boat.

Also, available driving tour of the Amalfi Coast along the main attractions.

Travelling through the coast between Vietri e Sorrento, we will come across many Saracen and Ottomans towers, built as watching or defending point from the Turkish and Pirates.  The defending towers have a circular shape, different from the watching towers which are squared.Below all the towers, located on the Amalfi Coast,  some of them are not easily reachable.

Duration: full day

The seascape of the Amalfi Coast: Snorkeling or scuba diving tour


Enjoy the diving on Amalfi Coast! Come with us on a journey between two worlds: landscape and seascape. An unforgettable experience, diving in the beautiful surroundings of one of the most famous and beautiful coasts of Italy, the Amalfi Coast.
The calcareous nature of the Mediterranean area is full of caves,

Duration: half day

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