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Where the History meets the Taste: Paestum and the Buffalo mozzarella!

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Duration: half day

An ancient City founded around the end of the 7th century BC, originally known as Poseidonia, Paestum is one of the most important and fascinating Italian Archeological sites. Forgotten for many Centuries and only rediscovered in the XVI century, Paestum was expanding with the building of roads, temples and other features of a growing city. The main features of the site today are the standing remains of three major temples in Doric style, dating from the first half of the 6th century BC dedicated to Hera and Athena, although they have traditionally been identified as a basilica and temples of Neptune and Ceres, owing to 18th century mis-attribution. The city is surrounded by defensive walls that still stand.Paestum is also renowned for its painted tombs, mainly belonging to the period of the Lucanian rule, while only one of them dates to the Greek period. All its Greek frescoes are visible in the Archeological National Museum of Paestum.

Escorted by a knowledgeable tour guide, the walking tour takes you through the ruins of Ancient Paestum to show the truly magnificence of the city.
You cannot leave Paestum without a “Mozzarella experience”.You are welcome to visit an Estate and see the different phases of artisan mozzarella production.
The name mozzarella comes from the Italian word “mozzare” meaning to cut off. You will assist at the “mozzatura”, which is still entirely made by hand, in line with the scrupulous hygienic regulations. The milk used for the whole range of products comes solely from the farm, all products are produced on the premises and sold exclusively in the shop set inside the Estate that you will visit.
A stroll around the Estate brings you close to the buffalos, surrounded by smell scent and noises that harmonize with the modern breeding facilities. By watching experience and knowledge of artisanal cheese making you can appreciate the passion that is needed to make an excellent product. The tour ends with a tasting of freshly made mozzarella cheese.


Paestum Archeological site

Buffalo farm


Cheese factory

Agricultural museum

Leather handcraft shop

Yoghurteria- gelateria

Available only at the morning
Transfers on request

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