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Let temptation be your guide: chocolate tour!

Come join us for a very special tasting tour, an unusual combination of ingredients which will impress you! The experience is not about the simple chocolate, it is not the common delightful stroll through dessert boutiques and chocolatiers. It is all about a “product evolution”, when the Buffalo Milk meets the Cocoa: The Buffalo Milk Chocolate. We will take you to one of the oldest Buffalo Farms, you will walk in the stable to see the Buffalos and the avant-garde techniques of milking to safeguard animal welfare, hygiene and milk quality. You will visit the installations and, with your tour guide, you will assist at the chocolate making process. You will see how the traditional raw materials combine each other’s, producing new flavors such as yogurt, ice-cream and chocolates. Obviously the tour includes the Buffalo Mozzarella making process and tasting experience, even because the Farm is one of the most famous in the area. After the tour you can relax and taste the products; the chocolate will surprise your mouth, intense and spicy, sweet and bitter, a unique flavor for ending your experience in the best way! A daily trip to an authentic cathedral of flavor, which will give you a great satisfaction!

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